Vit-Hit Takes Over

Vit Hit

Vit-Hit has taken over Connolly Station and the Luas with their product promotion campaign, with the range of Vit-hit drinks being showcased. Each vitamin packed drink all have different functions and benefits to get you through the day.

Their delicious combination of Vits, Juice, Aqua and Teas deliver a range of varying benefits; from cleansing and energising, revive, immunitea, boost, detox and vitalitea, Vit-Hit has every need/mood covered.

Planned by Zenith and PML, the advert is displaying on Commuter dPods, Luas Tram Domination and Luas Columns. Transport formats deliver excellent visibility and effective targeting of younger audiences. dPods enable the targeting of shoppers and commuters as well as providing a high-quality visual of the campaign.