Turkish Airlines kicks off Euros 2016 campaign

Turkish Airlines

Official partner of Uefa Euro 2016, Turkish Airlines are running an OOH campaign to coincide with its sponsorship of the sporting event of the year.

Planned by Initiative and PML, Turkish Airlines’ promotion is running on 48 Sheets and Metropoles. The campaign creative features strong imagery that firmly positions Turkish Airlines as a partner of the Euros. Imagery used includes Turkish Airline staff assisting footballers on the football pitch by offering a footballer a hot towel or a Turkish delight sweet; a plane flying over the football stadium as the winning team raises the Euros trophy, and an image of the airline’s crew on the football pitch at Stade de France with a Turkish Airline plane behind them. The copy line used across the various creative encourages the audience to ‘Meet Europe’s Best’, which eludes to both the nations taking part in the Euros and Turkish Airlines as the best airline to fly with for trips around Europe.