The High Street Comes to the High Street!

Galaxy are using out of home media to promote the launch of the Galaxy Style Exchange.

The Galaxy Style Exchange is an invitation to style-savvy women nationwide to upgrade their wardrobes by exchanging stylish items of clothing and accessories with friends. The initiative is inspired by the ‘swishing’ movement, which is currently taking the UK by storm. This is the organised act of up-cycling your look by swapping quality but unworn items with friends and style lovers alike. Parties must willingly give an item to participate in the transaction, and once they have, they are free to choose a ‘new to them’ item.

The centrepiece of the campaign are two wrapped bus shelters on Pearse and Camden Streets incorporating special Adshel 6 Sheets showcasing outfits from the shop. Edelman and the team at Siopaella delivered the looks that went into each of the six sheet specials. The accompanying tagline reads “Next Stop – A Whole New Wardrobe”. Other ooh activity includes Adshel in Dublin and other urban areas, city centre Metropanel 6 Sheets, dPod digital screens in Dundrum and Pavilions shopping centres and Dublin Bus Super Rears.

The campaign is planned by MediaVest and PML with creative by Irish International.


Pictured at the Camden Street location of the Adshel unit are Laura Noble, Clear Channel, Niamh Daly, PML, Aisling Hogan, Mars and Ella de Guzman, siopaella.