Tesco ventures out of home to target shoppers

Tesco’s latest advertising campaign promotes the supermarket chain’s online shopping services. Commuters are the key target audience for the campaign, being encouraged to ‘do the weekly shop on the daily commute’.

To effectively reach their target audience, outdoor advertising in commuter areas is vital to Tesco’s latest promotion. Tesco have included an advertising domination in Dublin Pearse Station in this campaign, which gives the brand an ideal opportunity to reach commuters at a busy city centre location.

The campaign was planned by Initiative and PML and is running on a variety of ooh formats, including Adshel, Floor Graphics, Luas Columns, Portrait Panels and Commuter Cards. The advertising domination at Pearse Station has such formats as 96 Sheet, 48 Sheet, Commuter Points and Transit Specials.

The creative includes copy lines that encourage the audience to shop on Tesco.ie at a time that suits them, using their smart phone, laptop or tablet device. ‘Next stop. The weekly shop.’ and ‘The train arriving at Platform 2 is your nearest Tesco’ are examples of copy lines used in the campaign, emphasising the fact that Tesco.ie helps you do your household shopping anytime, anywhere.

Target McConnells worked on the creative for this campaign.