RSA targets pubs with drink driving campaign


The Road Safety Authority is running an ambient campaign on OOH, with a strong message discouraging people from drinking and driving.

The OOH campaign is part of An Garda Síochána and the RSA’s implementation of a major enforcement and education offensive during July and August to target Drink Driving behaviour on the country’s roads. The road safety push is being mounted as casualty figures show that road deaths have risen by 15% in 2016. July and August are also among the most dangerous months of the year and are a high risk period for drink driving. With the aim of strongly combatting drink driving, RSA’s OOH campaign is running in at the source of potential drink driving activity: in pubs.

Planned by Mediavest and PML, 500 pubs are being targeted in the RSA initiative, with advertising running on A3 Panels and beer mats. The strong creative from Irish International includes an image of the International Wheelchair Symbol along with the copyline “Thinking of drink driving? Think of the consequences”. The design on beer mats also incorporates a question mark into the wheelchair symbol, further emphasising how people choosing to drink and drive can end with life altering consequences.

Moyagh Murdock, Chief Executive, Road Safety Authority, speaking about the RSA’s plans said, “The RSA will be supporting An Garda Síochána’s drink driving enforcement blitz with an awareness effort that includes a radio, online and poster campaign targeting pubs and clubs nationwide. Our message, which is particularly aimed at young people, is not to let your summertime turn to tragedy, not to let the local roads you drive become lethal because of stupid, reckless choices you made. Choices that could affect you for the rest of your life if you are involved in a drink driving incident. We want people to think of the possible consequences.”