Prime Choices for Amazon in new OOH campaign


Amazon Prime are advertising on OOH in Ireland for the first time. The TV and movies streaming service are active in cycle 16, putting hit shows such as Vikings, American Gods and Preacher to the fore on Outdoor panels including 48 Sheets, T-Sides, Digital Screens and Bus Shelter 6 Sheets.

To date in 2017 (Cycles 1-15), TV stations have accounted for almost €3m in display value on OOH, with Sky the biggest OOH advertiser in the sector this year. (Source: PML Group Posterwatch)

Amazon’s campaign combines the big impact of billboards with the delivery of a young, mobile audience for T-Sides and Bus Shelter 6 Sheets, along with the dynamic effect of Digital OOH bringing the show’s characters to life. This strategy was devised and implemented by Initiative and PML.