Popchips arrives onto out of home advertising in Ireland

Popchips launched its first outdoor advertising campaign in Ireland in cycle 18, with its ‘Spare me the guilt chip’ campaign. Popchips is a potato chip snack product from the USA that was launched in Irish stores earlier this year and is advertised as a tasty, healthier snack option for consumers.

The campaign ran for two weeks across Dublin and saw Popchips ads popping up across the city centre and surrounding areas.

The focus of the campaign was to build maximum visibility around Popchips, educate consumers about the brand and spare consumers the ‘guilt chip’ when looking for tasty, healthier snack options like Popchips.

The campaign was planned by Clear Blue Water and PML and ran on a variety of outdoor formats so that potential consumers could be targeted in key city centre and retail areas. These formats included Adshel, Metropanels, dPods, Super Rears and Forward Stems.

A vibrant red colour dominated the creative with the copy line ‘Spare me the guilt chip’ clearly visible on all posters.

“We are really excited to bring this advertising campaign to Dublin consumers. Ireland is an important market for Popchips, and this advertising campaign represents our commitment to growing the brand in Ireland,” said Ruth Elliott, European marketing manager, Popchips.

Pictured below beside the Super Rear adverts are Declan Kelly (Clear Blue Water), Annemarie Sexton (Exterion Media) and Darren Greene (PML Group).