Pablo Picant-cope with Trump

IMG_9425-WEBPictured above with El Diablo Trump is Colm McNamara (Pablo Picante), Darren Greene (PML) and Vicky Fraser (Exterion Media)

The Mexican restaurant Pablo Picante is running a very clever campaign on OOH, encouraging people to ‘Pledge for Pablo’ and not vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.

Those who pledge not to vote for ‘El Diablo Trump’ can win an invitación to Pablo’s Pledge Party on September 14th in Clarendon Market for beer, burritos and fiesta. You can Pledge for Pablo on Pablo’s Facebook page or in-store.

Planned by Initiative Media and PML, Pablo Picante’s campaign is running on a select number of double deck Super Rears and Luas Straplines. The creative includes an image of Pablo vs. Trump and the taglines include “Build burritos not walls” and “Pledge for Pablo”. A call to action to visit Pablo Picante’s Facebook page is also included on the Outdoor design, as well as the hashtag #PabloPicantCope.

What are your waiting for? Go and #PledgeForPablo!