NTA Brings us on a Journey

The National Transport Authority (NTA), in a joint initiative with the Immigrant Council of Ireland, ran a powerful OOH campaign in cycles 17 and 18.


The campaign used images of hundreds of commuters to form the image of the woman and man in the mosaic artwork. Over one thousand selfies were donated to the cause by commuters standing in solidarity against racism.

Planned by Spark Foundry and PML, the OOH element of the initiative ran on a Backlit 96 Sheet, Upright 48 Sheet, Metropanels, City Impact and Super Rears.

John O’Flynn, Communications Manager, Transport for Ireland, said, “We are delighted to again be coordinating this crucially important campaign. Ireland’s increasing diversity is reflected among transport staff and our commuters and this year it is fantastic to unite in our message to stand up against racism.”

Media: Spark Foundry – Creative: Focus Advertising – OOH