Say Hello to More Northern Ireland

Tourism Northern Ireland ran an OOH campaign promoting some of the best that the North has to offer such as world class views, amazing adventures and compelling stories. With 4% of the Irish population visiting Northern Ireland on a short break/holiday last year, the campaign hoped to capitalise on a huge pool of potential consumers and influence those contemplating a staycation/short break this year. Multiple ad designs capture the gems of the North and ad copy including journey times and hotel prices added further to the campaign.

Planned by Genesis and PML, the tourism board’s campaign ran on Connolly Station’s Digital Gallery as well as the entrance to the station, which allowed for a large brand presence within the station targeting commuters seeking out some travel inspiration.

According to OCS, 27% of the population’s thoughts turn to holidays when travelling to or from work. The campaign included its website and social media information for the audience to visit its digital presence in hopes of discovering more about Northern Ireland. Source: TGI 2017 & OCS 2017

Media & Creative: Genesis   –   OOH Agency: PML

Be Front Row with Arnotts

A change in season is an important time for retailers and apparel brands as new styles and themes come into play. Bringing some of the latest trends in fashion to Outdoor, Arnotts promoted its Spring/ Summer lines filled with bright colours and bold patterns, showing what’s on offer in store and online.

Planned by Carat and PML, the campaign displayed on Metropoles, Orbscreens, Bus Shelters and Commuter Digital for a broad city centre presence. An important medium for apparel, OOH allows customers to discover the latest looks for the upcoming season and provide some inspiration.

With 25% stating they tend to look out for fashion/clothing adverts, the audience is primed for OOH communication that triggers activity. Retail Outlets was also the largest spending category on OOH in 2017.

*Source: Out of Home Consumer Survey &  PML Group Posterwatch

Media: Carat  –   Creative: In-House   –    OOH Agency: PML

Get Jiggy with Ms Green

M&M’s popular character, Ms Green, returned to Out of Home just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and encouraged passers-by to get jiggy and win cash by entering M&M’s competition. The promotion ran on Bus Shelters, Supersides, Adshels, Metropanels as well as a total domination of the east link.

The competition offered cash prizes for those who could guess correctly what song influencers James Patrice and Holly Carpenter were getting jiggy to. The competition element of the campaign ran across Facebook and Twitter. Using its social media icons within the creative, Out of Home acted as a support to the social media led campaign and prompted the audience to visit M&M’s social media channels for further details.

Media: Spark Foundry  –   Creative: BBDO  –  Planning: MediaCom  –   OOH Agency: PML

Travel on Sunshine with Avonmore Super Milk


We all recently witnessed just how unpredictable our weather can be and while the sun may not always shine, we need to get our Vitamin D from somewhere. Thankfully, Avonmore Super Milk contains all the daily sunshine we need, in just one glass.

The Glanbia brand has launched an above the line campaign to highlight the importance of Super Milk as a source of Vitamin D. For its OOH campaign, Avonmore Super Milk commissioned Super Rears and a super Luas Tram Wrap to bring some sunshine to our commute.


Luas is of course a hugely popular mode of transport for Dubliners with over 37 million trips taken last year. Displaying on the green line, the Luas wrap allows the advertiser to reach the ever growing and desirable Luas commuter audience and enhance visibility of the campaign as the unmissable tram makes its way through Dublin. The Luas wrap will be visible up until May.

As part of its wider OOH campaign, Avonmore included POP Ads detailing its free flight giveaway. With every 30 tokens collected, customers could choose to fly out to one of the eight pre-selected destinations.


Pictured: Vivienne Lawlor (Account Director, BBDO), Keith Farrell (Account Manager, PML), Susan Pratt (Account Executive, Carat),  Lisa Temple (JCDecaux) and Linda Sheehan (Senior Brand Manager, Glanbia)


Media: Carat

Creative: BBDO

OOH Specialist: PML


Red Bull Gives You Wings…But Not Sugar


To target an audience who wants the energy but not the rush, Red Bull promoted its sugar free version of its energy drink. The strategic planning of the OOH campaign incorporated many transport formats that enabled the campaign to be seen by a large-scale audience of a younger demographic.

Bus Shelters, Luas Columns, T-Sides and Retail Adtowers all featured within the OOH plan as well as a striking matte finish wrapped Luas column.

Pictured: Chris Murphy (PML Group), Mary Anne Byrne (Richmond Marketing), Graham Clarke (Zenith), and Chris Collins (JCDecaux)

Electric Ireland Gets Smart

In recent months, the emergence of the connected home has grown exponentially as many energy providers introduce their smart home services.

According to a recent survey conducted by iReach insights, one in ten adults in Ireland now own a smart home and the majority of them think it makes their lives much easier.As part of its Smarter Living marketing campaign, Electric Ireland has launched its Smarter Home service. The bundles allow customers to control their heating, lights and appliances through their smart phone when they are out of home. So, it was only fitting OOH advertising was a vital aspect of the new campaign.

The campaign reflects how smarter living means you’re guaranteed the comfort of a bright and warm home before you even get there. The campaign ran on 48 Sheets, Metropoles, T-Sides, Luas Columns on both the red and green line to ensure cross city presence and several Digital formats including Digital Mall, and Digital Commuter in key commuter hubs – Connolly Digital Gallery, Tara and Pearse Street as well as Adshel Live. Out of Home is a great mechanism to promote and build awareness of new products/services.

According to OCS, 64% of all adults agree posters/screens are a good way of finding out about new products/services.

Media: Spark Foundry   –   Creative: TBWA\Dublin


Cadbury’s Eggperiential Hunt hits Dundrum

Untitled collageWith the hunt for the white crème eggs really heating up and everyone scrambling to find one, Cadbury surprised the unsuspecting shoppers of Dundrum with the opportunity to find the elusive eggs.

On Saturday 3rd February, there were four hunts over the course of the day with each hunt resulting in one lucky hunter winning €1,000.

A total domination of the dPod located outside the Schuh store in Dundrum Town Centre was used to build awareness of the hunt, indicate the start times and more importantly provide a map of the centre with the location of the white creme egg being revealed. Promo staff were on hand at the dPod and the 4 hidden locations where the much sought after white Crème eggs were located.

The activation married the Mall Digital OOH format and experiential activity as the dPod acted as the facilitator and focus of the hunt. The activation was a great success with hunters gathering around the dPod for the eggs’ locations and taking off as soon as they were revealed.

PML Group’s innovation team were hugely excited to be involved in creating the egg hunt in partnership with Carat and Mondeléz while our in-house creative team, Design +, animated the digital creative for the hunt.

Our iQ research intelligence shows that 68% of respondents agree that experiential activations allow a brand to create a real-life connection with its consumers.

New Year, New Career

Untitled collage (3)Irish Jobs is currently running an OOH campaign, with January being a time where people begin to change or reflect on certain aspects of their life with their career being one of the them.  The campaign is running on multiple formats with a heavy reliance on T-Sides and Bus Shelters to create a mobile campaign with vast city centre presence.  48 Sheets, Metropanels, Metropoles and Digipole are included for building coverage and targeting high density areas with a high concentrate of workers and commuters for impactful and extended reach.

The white background and black text creative is simple yet effective. The text shows negative sentences turned into positive ones by striking through some of the text, with the tagline ‘Change Your Story’ highlighted. The campaign is sure to resonate with people who are feeling a little dissatisfied in their current job or career and possibly motivate them to change their story.

According to OCS figures, 28% of the Irish population intend to change or start a job within the next 12 months, while 49% of those intending to change jobs said Posters/screens often create a reason to search online.

Media: PHD  –   Creative: BBDO Dublin   –   OOH Agency: PML

The Stone Age Comes to 21st Century Dublin

Pictured: Pat Cassidy (PML Group), Aisling O’Brian (Element Pictures), Jen Byrne (PML), Leigh Cunningham (Havas), Chris Collins (JCDecaux) and Orlaith McIvor (Havas)

The award-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit are making their way to the silver screen with new claymation movie, Early Man.  As a new age dawns, caveman hero Dug unites his tribe to save their home against Lord Nooth and his bronze age city.

With a host of A-list actors such as Eddie Redmayne and Maisie Williams lending their voices to the cast, the hotly anticipated caveman inspired movie is out in cinemas on the 26th of January.

To celebrate the release, PML and Havas Media stonewalled the 240 Sheet located in Terenure for a rock solid special. The OOH special’s creative shows the two historic eras collide with the title of the movie at the centre of the billboard carved out in stone and in 3D. The OOH campaign also ran on Mall Digital, T-Sides and Citybox along with MegaRears on 3 aircoaches to extend the reach of the campaign.

PML Group’s iQ research intelligence found that 80% of respondents agree that specials/3D billboards make advertisement more memorable.

Credits: Media: Havas   –   Special Creative: Design+      OOH Agency: PML  –   Pop up Build: Eclipse Media

Cadbury Cadvent Hits The Road

cadbury (1)

Cadbury launched its countdown to Christmas with a Cadvent activation in association with PML Group’s Innovation team and Carat.

The activation, which will be running until the 22nd of December, sees Europanels dotted around the country taken over by the Cadvent. There for one day only, the Cadvent window opens at 1pm every day. Behind the door’s festive creative, a chocolate Christmas tree mould is held inside and promo staff will be on hand to dish out some of our favourite Cadbury goodies.Once the activation is complete the Cadvent door swings open in another location the very next day.

With the annual Cadvent extravaganza launched on the 1st of December, PML Group’s Innovation team was delighted to bring the Cadvent calendar to life, spread some Christmas joy and be a part of Cadbury’s Christmas countdown.

As part of its wider OOH campaign, Cadbury promoted its Cadvent campaign as a whole, which is displaying on the Green Screen at Stephen’s Green shopping centre, 96 sheets, 48 sheets and various 6 Sheets.