Be in the Movies with Cineworld

Cineworld has opened Ireland’s first 4DX screen on Parnell Street. An immersive cinematic experience complete with motion seats and special effects to stimulate all five senses. Wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, snow and scents work with the film to bring the action on screen to life.

Cineworld launched an OOH campaign in cycle 9 using iVision, T-Sides and an internal Luas domination with ceiling graphics and straplines to announce the arrival of the new experience. The copy’s creative showed the mind-blowing experience with the each of the features highlighted in the campaign.

The first film to get the 4DX treatment was the Marvel Superhero adventure: ‘Avengers Infinity War’.

Media: PSI Advertising – Creative: Twelve Agency – OOH Agency: PML

New Name, Same People

Topaz is no more as the forecourt retailer has rebranded to Circle K. And while the name may be different, the people certainly are not as Circle K employees star in the OOH campaign.

The group launched an extensive 6 Sheet campaign to communicate and raise awareness of the rebrand across the 420-strong network of forecourts.

Customers can still avail of the usual services such as ‘miles’ and simply great coffee and will be delivered additional perks via a new mobile app.

The campaign is running nationally on Bus Shelters and Adshels, an East Link Domination, MegaRears and fully wrapped Aircoaches.

Media: Zenith – Creative: In-House – OOH Agency: PML

Starvin? Get Marvin

Time should be spent on things that matter, and were saying just that in its latest OOH campaign.

Playing on the concept of time, launched a puntastic campaign targeting commuters across road, rail and tram environments. With taglines such as ‘More Time to Ketchup’, ‘Supermarkets can pizza off’ and ‘Curry Up’, conveyed the convenience of its online delivery service, cause we’ve all been there…. time poor, tired and hangry!

Media: Havas –  Creative: In-House – OOH Agency: PML


Zero Left To Prove

With the government’s target for 10% of all vehicles on the road to be electric by 2020 and Ireland setting itself the target of ending the sale of cars powered just by fossil fuels by 2030, the tide for fuel-based cars is turning. One of the first electric cars to market and named 2018’s World Green Car of the year, Nissan have launched a heavyweight, multi-format OOH campaign to mark the launch of the new and improved Nissan Leaf and convince the skeptics of its credentials.

Communicated through its ‘Zero to….’ taglines, the OOH campaign proves speed and distance aren’t a problem for the new Leaf. The use of 96/48 Sheets, Metropoles, Golden Squares, Europanels and Adshels help to communicate the electric car’s power. According to the Japanese car manufacturer demand for electric vehicles is now at a new high in Ireland as awareness builds among Irish householders that switching to electric can save them money.

Media: Spark Foundry – Creative: In Company of Huskies – OOH Agency: PML

The Always On Trend

The National Dairy Council returned to OOH for its latest advertising wave in the Complete Natural campaign. With the emergence and rise of alternative milks, the campaign highlighted the importance of dairy in exercise, recovery and overall health, communicated by the creative and taglines ‘Goodness is always on trend’ and ‘Today, I build my future body’.

The heavyweight campaign used a variety of formats to help bring the message to the Irish population and encourage a change in consumer habits.

Media: Initiative   –   Creative: Kick   –   OOH Agency: PML

You Had Me At hellOOH

The perfect accompaniment for a trip to the cinema, Maltesers brought some movie teasers to OOH in cycle 8.

A bunch of infamous movies quotes surfaced on the streets of Ireland, some iconic and instantly recognisable while others were a bit harder to figure out.

The OOH element was an extension of its Facebook led campaign where the audience was invited to work out the title of the movie to be in with a chance to win a trip to the cinema. The campaign ran on 48 Sheets, DigiTower, Bus Shelters and T-Sides as well as a domination of the east link.

Kia Drives it Home

Designed to further enhance their profile in Dublin, Kia Motors have booked all of Dublin Bus’s Capital T inventory for a 10-week period. The OOH campaign will be accompanied by a social media video campaign shot at different locations around the city encouraging Dublin families to “Make the most of ‘Baile Átha Kia’” The day and night creative for the Stonic and Sportage range include the taglines ‘Wake up to what’s best in Baile Atha Kia’ and ‘Night time at its best in Baile Atha Kia’. The Capital T format allows the cars to be front and centre while giving a sleek finish to the creative.

Media: Havas   –   Creative: Focus Advertising   –   OOH Agency: PML

Pictured above: Shane Lynch (Focus Advertising), Chris Murphy (PML), Vicki Fraser (Exterion Media), Aidan Doyle (Kia), John Gallagher (Havas)

Ulster Bank’s First Five for First Time Buyers


Ulster Bank has launched its ‘First Five’ mortgage campaign to promote its offerings to first time buyers under the bank’s ‘Help for What Matters’ proposition.

The bank is offering five key benefits. These are €25,000 life insurance cover at no cost to the customer, 50 per cent off home insurance, fixed rates from 2.85 per cent, €1,500 towards legal fees and free valuations.

The campaign introduces a new look and feel to the bank’s mortgage offerings and demonstrates the real support Ulster Bank offers to customers. 48 Sheets, Adshel, Adshel Live, iVision and the Digipole in Ballsbridge are being used to communicate the five benefits to potential buyers.

Media: Spark Foundry  –  Creative: Boys and Girls  –   OOH Agency: PML

Say Hello to More Northern Ireland

Tourism Northern Ireland ran an OOH campaign promoting some of the best that the North has to offer such as world class views, amazing adventures and compelling stories. With 4% of the Irish population visiting Northern Ireland on a short break/holiday last year, the campaign hoped to capitalise on a huge pool of potential consumers and influence those contemplating a staycation/short break this year. Multiple ad designs capture the gems of the North and ad copy including journey times and hotel prices added further to the campaign.

Planned by Genesis and PML, the tourism board’s campaign ran on Connolly Station’s Digital Gallery as well as the entrance to the station, which allowed for a large brand presence within the station targeting commuters seeking out some travel inspiration.

According to OCS, 27% of the population’s thoughts turn to holidays when travelling to or from work. The campaign included its website and social media information for the audience to visit its digital presence in hopes of discovering more about Northern Ireland. Source: TGI 2017 & OCS 2017

Media & Creative: Genesis   –   OOH Agency: PML

Be Front Row with Arnotts

A change in season is an important time for retailers and apparel brands as new styles and themes come into play. Bringing some of the latest trends in fashion to Outdoor, Arnotts promoted its Spring/ Summer lines filled with bright colours and bold patterns, showing what’s on offer in store and online.

Planned by Carat and PML, the campaign displayed on Metropoles, Orbscreens, Bus Shelters and Commuter Digital for a broad city centre presence. An important medium for apparel, OOH allows customers to discover the latest looks for the upcoming season and provide some inspiration.

With 25% stating they tend to look out for fashion/clothing adverts, the audience is primed for OOH communication that triggers activity. Retail Outlets was also the largest spending category on OOH in 2017.

*Source: Out of Home Consumer Survey &  PML Group Posterwatch

Media: Carat  –   Creative: In-House   –    OOH Agency: PML