Applegreen Pumped for the Fuel Revolution

Applegreen is promoting its new fuelgood initiative, its most advanced fuel ever saving motorists as much as 4c per litre due to better performance.

With almost 190 service stations across the country, Applegreen’s campaign, using 48 Sheets and 6 Sheets, is targeting areas in proximity to its forecourts in a bid to build awareness of the initiative nationwide.

Media: Carat – Creative: Chemistry – OOH Agency: PML

Standard Life Looks Forward to Second Life

Your second life is your life in retirement. This is the time when you can be the person you want to be, not the person you have to be. So while there’s a lot to look forward to and retirement may seem a long way away but It’s never too early to start planning.

To advertise its pensions and investments opportunities Standard Life ran roadside billboards (48 Sheets, Europanels and Metropoles) and 6 Sheets (Bus Shelters and 6 Sheets), along with train station Commuter Squares, in Dublin and Cork. The campaign was planned by Core Recruitment and PML.

The posters created by Publicis show the opportunities in life’s evolution and feature Paul – from skilled engineer to skilled storyteller and Sarah – from stretching marketing budgets to stretching joints.

Sharon Smyth, head of brand and engagement at Standard Life, said it is one of the biggest ad campaigns Standard Life has done in Ireland. “It will run into 2019, championing the choices people are making with their financial advisers to live the next phase of their lives according to their rules. It’s great to deliver such a message.”

Media: Core Recruitment – Creative: Publicis – OOH Agency: PML

ESB Goes Back to the Future


ESB has turned the switch on a new campaign to raise awareness of the role of electricity in realising a clean energy future which involves clean electricity, heat pumps, electric cars, smart networks and emerging technologies.

The national OOH campaign planned by Spark Foundry and PML is running on 6 Sheets – Bus Shelters, Adshel, Metropanels and Purchase Points; Golden Squares and Luas Columns.

The advert, featuring a modern day climbing technician against a backdrop of a wind farm was developed by TBWA\Dublin and Paula Kelly, Head of Account Management says, “It was a pleasure to work on such an iconic Irish brand and we’re really proud of the final result. ESB have been responsible for some of the best of Irish advertising over the years, and we wanted to do that legacy justice while adding to it in our own way.”

Media: Spark Foundry – Creative: TBWA\Dublin – OOH Agency: PML


One Size Fits All

Mars latest Out of Home campaign promoted the launch of stick size versions of some of its most popular bars, with Snickers, Mars and Twix all getting the stick treatment.

Store Points, Adbox, Adshel Live and iVision all featured within the Point of Sale led campaign, driving consideration in Dunnes Stores which exclusively stock the range.

As a new product on the market, OOH has an important part to play in the media mix. 64% of all adults agree OOH is a good way to find out about new products, while 41% have seen advertising at convenience stores or supermarkets in the past week.

Source: OCS & TGI 2017

Media: Spark Foundry – Planning: MediaCom – Creative: BBDO – OOH Agency: PML


AXA Home Insurance Goes 24/7

As part of a brand refresh, AXA launched a new cross channel campaign to promote its home insurance services.

The campaign, designed to highlight its 24/7 emergency home assistance and claims helpline, featured two birds perched on a nest caring for their hatchlings with its associated copy line ‘Care for What Matters’ demonstrating AXA’s commitment to caring for its customers.

Planned by Havas and PML, with creative by Publicis, AXA’s OOH campaign ran on traditional formats – 48 Sheets, Golden Squares and Bus Shelters – in key Counties.

To help make an even bigger impression and bring the creative to life, a 3D nest was placed onto the Golden Square located in Rathmines for a flying special. The 3D nest extended out from the billboard and was filled with bird seed with stock being replenished every two days.

Our iQ research intelligence informs us that 80% agree that special builds make the advertisement much more memorable.

Media: Havas – Creative: Publicis – OOH Agency: PML

(L-R): Pat Cassidy (PML Group), Ed Collins (Havas Media) and Jen Byrne (PML)

Jacob’s goes Dynamic to Showcase Cracking Recipes

Jacob’s has a snack for every occasion of every day, and across screens in retail (dPods, iVisions, Tesco Live and Adshel Live) and commuter environments (dPods) there are five pieces of copy by Havas Dublin communicating its savoury range and associated recipes and snack ideas. The nationwide contextually driven ‘Make it Yours’ DOOH campaign by Valeo Foods uses PML Group’s proprietary Dynamic platform to communicate savoury snack solutions.

The Dynamic platform has enabled copy to be adapted by location whereby one of the designs “Hummus atá tú?” has specific location shout-outs. Furthermore, share of rotation in contingent on a weather trigger – in this case “The 99” is played more often when temperatures rise above 18°C.

Geoff Lyons, Managing Director of PML Group comments: “We’re thrilled Valeo Foods, together with Initiative have chosen Dynamic triggers to showcase their range and illustrate the exceptional creative power of Dynamic Out of Home. It’s great to see localised messaging together with of real time adaptive animated copy engaging audiences on the go

Claire Allen Digital Marketing Manager in Valeo Foods adds: “We’re delighted to kick off a summer of snacking with recipes created especially with fans of Jacob’s in mind. Using Dynamic Out of Home has allowed us to engage our customers in a new way, showing them just how versatile the Jacob’s savoury range is!

PML Group’s Dynamic CMS platform allows brands to deliver contextually relevant advertising at scale and in real time seamlessly across multiple DOOH networks and media owners (in this case Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Exterion media) using a multitude of scheduling and content triggers. Research has shown that OOH using dynamic digital content boosts overall effectiveness by an average 18%.

Pictured (L-R): Claire Allen (Valeo), Maura Ashe (Mediabrands), Keith Farrell (PML), Asha Bourne (Mediabrands) and Lisa Temple (JCDecaux)


Wherever You Go

Bank of Ireland has rolled out its new advertising campaign which tells the heart-warming story of a young boy and his toy rabbit, Snuggley.

Snuggley is a constant in the boy’s life as he grows up and experiences the comings and goings of life. Through the sentiment, Bank of Ireland says it’ll stay by their customers’ side whether that’s moving in or moving on.

The campaign, developed to promote a range of benefits for customers looking to buy a new home, will run across TV, OOH, radio, cinema, VOD, digital, native content, social, owned media and one on one.

The OOH element uses minimal copy and strong visuals, as Snuggly takes the spotlight within the creative, simply accompanied by the tagline ‘Wherever you Go’ and the Bank’s logo. Other formats include copy on its payment break and low fixed rate offers.

The campaign uses a large selection of formats nationwide to maximise reach and build coverage, aspects which are imperative for a new campaign. 96/48 Sheets, Golden Squares, Roadside 6 Sheets, T-Sides, Digipole and the newest addition to the OOH ecosystem, the dX screen located in Dundrum Town Centre all feature the Bank of Ireland ad.

Media: Carat – Creative: TBWA\Dublin – OOH Agency: PML

GLT Hits the Road

Gum Litter Taskforce has kicked off its annual summer campaign with the colourful ‘Bin Your Gum When You’re Done’ theme, which has been a regular feature on the streets of the nation in recent years.

Out of Home and experiential activity play a major role in the campaign with GLT partnering with PML Group’s Innovation team to devise the GLT roadshow. This year, a wind machine, t-shirt giveaways, along with many other surprises will be making their way across the country as the taskforce aims to educate and bring about behavioural change in the public’s disposal of chewing gum.

Some ambient formats such as Mobile 6 Sheets and branded Eco-Cabs will also be joining the roadshow, while a d ance troupe entertains the crowds at locations in Roscommon and Dublin.

Supporting the experiential activity is a large nationwide OOH campaign comprising Green Screen, 48 Sheets, various 6 Sheets, and a range of transport formats such as T-Sides, Super Rears and City Impacts, Luas Tram Side and Commuter and Retail Digital ensure a wide scope of locations and environments.

Media: Spark Foundry – Planning: MediaCom

Creative: AMV BBDO and adapted by Design+ – OOH Agency: PML

Experiential Suppliers: Eclipse Media, Promogroup and Headcase

Don’t Be Dick

The DCC along with South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council and the Environmental Protection Agency have launched an awareness campaign about the growing issue of disposable coffee cups.

With Irish people using 200 million cups every year and becoming a major source of litter across Dublin, the new campaign ‘Don’t Be Dick’ aims to tackle the problem and asks consumers to think about their coffee consumption in a new way.

The campaign, featuring on Dublin Bus T-Sides, has turned quite a few heads and attracted considerable media attention since it was first spotted on the streets with its attention demanding line.

Media: Carat – Creative: JWT Folk – OOH Agency: PML

Stay Safe This Summer

To coincide with National Water Safety Awareness Week, Irish Water Safety has launched a timely OOH campaign as a reminder of how vital it is to be vigilant around water, especially at this time of year.

The stark tagline ‘In Seconds, Water Can Steal a Life’ and a photo of a child walking towards the shoreline as water damage fades her from view was designed to resonate with parents.

Running nationwide, the campaign is displaying on 48 Sheets, Adshel and PurchasePoints to appeal to the public to keep themselves informed of the dangers of water and reduce the chance of drowning tragedies this summer.

As a public awareness campaign, the choice of displaying on OOH formats is an effective method of getting the message noticed by a large and diverse audience.

Media: The Media Farm – Creative: Watson Creative – OOH Agency: PML