New Year, New Career

Untitled collage (3)Irish Jobs is currently running an OOH campaign, with January being a time where people begin to change or reflect on certain aspects of their life with their career being one of the them.  The campaign is running on multiple formats with a heavy reliance on T-Sides and Bus Shelters to create a mobile campaign with vast city centre presence.  48 Sheets, Metropanels, Metropoles and Digipole are included for building coverage and targeting high density areas with a high concentrate of workers and commuters for impactful and extended reach.

The white background and black text creative is simple yet effective. The text shows negative sentences turned into positive ones by striking through some of the text, with the tagline ‘Change Your Story’ highlighted. The campaign is sure to resonate with people who are feeling a little dissatisfied in their current job or career and possibly motivate them to change their story.

According to OCS figures, 28% of the Irish population intend to change or start a job within the next 12 months, while 49% of those intending to change jobs said Posters/screens often create a reason to search online.

Media: PHD  –   Creative: BBDO Dublin   –   OOH Agency: PML