Luas Cross City wants you to go to town this summer

Luas Cross City Summer

The National Transport Authority is promoting Luas Cross City on OOH in cycle 13, encouraging audiences to explore everything Dublin city has to offer.

Planned by Mediavest and PML, NTA’s campaign includes a variety of strong creative (designed by Focus Advertising), that highlights the choice of activities on offer to people when exploring Dublin.

The creative encourages people to ‘go to town’ for ‘the best nights out’, ‘the biggest choice’, ‘unbeatable atmosphere’ and ‘a great day out’. In all of the posters used in the campaign, the colours of the Red and Green Luas lines are incorporated into the design. For example, in one design a little girl is holding an ice cream that has been drawn in the Luas line colours, while in another poster a man is playing a guitar that is also designed in red and green lines.

The Luas Cross City campaign is running on a mix of digital and classic formats, including the Green Screen, iVision, Commuter dPods and 48 and 96 Sheets.