Keeling’s Fruit wish you a Happy Januberry

KeelingsFruit_Jan 2016

Keeling’s Fruit kicked off 2016 on a positive note, with an OOH campaign that wishes passers by a Happy Januberry and also highlights that you could win a €100 shopping voucher from Keeling’s.

To celebrate Januberry, Keeling’s are offering customers the chance to win a €100 shopping voucher every hour this January. To enter customers have to describe Keeling’s berries in 3 words and enter the unique 9 digit promotional code on cards inserted in promotional punnets of Keeling’s berries via text, or on the Keeling’s website and they will be included in the next draw.

The poster design, created by Marketing Network, emphasises the campaign’s ‘Januberry’ message as it includes a smiley face made completely out of berries – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to be exact. Planned by Carat and PML, the Keeling’s Fruit promotion is running on various formats that are key for targeting Main Shoppers, such as Purchase Points, POPAds, Store Points and SuperValu Screens.