Irish Water Taps Into Conservation

Irish Water launched a public advisory campaign in a bid to encourage the public to conserve water due to the recent heatwave and on-going water shortages.

New research published by Irish Water shows that over 50% of those surveyed under-estimate their water consumption by half. Therefore, in the campaign, Irish Water detailed that the average person actually consumes 129 litres of water a day, information that is essential for people to be aware of if they are to reduce their consumption.

The campaign also encouraged the audience to visit its website for tips and advice on how to converse water.

OOH plays an important role in such public information campaign as it reaches a broad spectrum of audiences. The campaign ran on Bus Shelters, Transvision, Digital Retail and Mallbox in cycle 17. The campaign featured on Mallbox for an additional cycle.

Media: Carat – Creative: Rothco – OOH Agency: PML