Goodness! Naked Juice bares all

Naked Juice

PepsiCo is promoting its juice drink, Naked Juice, on OOH in cycle 13.

Planned by OMD and PML the Naked Juice campaign is running on retail formats C-Store Screens and Purchase Points, as well as Banners and a Luas Tram Domination.

Integer worked on the creative in the campaign which emphasises the goodness of Naked Juice, with the lead copy line being ‘Worth its weight in good’, a play on the popular phrase ‘worth its weight in gold’. A mix of copy lines are used in the poster designs to target specific locations. For example a banner on Camden Street, a popular Dublin nightlife spot, reads ‘So much goodness it’s like Saturday night around here’, and designs on Luas Portrait Panels include the copy ‘Has so much goodness it’ll give up its seat for you’.

Summer is an ideal time to promote a refreshing juice drink, and the vibrant creative in the campaign enables Naked Juice to strongly stand out on Outdoor.