Dublin City Council Use OOH to Drive Traffic Online (And Off Footpaths).

A disability awareness campaign aimed at getting people to think about their everyday actions and the impact they may have for the disabled has been launched by Dublin City Council in conjunction with various disability groups, including the Disability Federation of Ireland and the National Council for the Blind. The Make Way Dublin campaign is hoping to encourage people to be mindful and conscious of blocking pathways and placing obstacles in the way of the disabled.

Using #makewaydublin the public is encouraged to post examples of hazards they have encountered. This is an effective method of driving online engagement as Nielsen’s Online Activation study showed OOH is the most efficient ad medium in driving online activity. The campaign planned by Carat and PML with creative by DDFH&B  is running on various formats as the campaign aims to raise awareness throughout Dublin. Transport Formats, T-Side, Bus Shelter and Commuter Cards, were all chosen to achieve this objective.