Zurich Life’s ‘Dear 30 year old me’ returns to ooh

Zurich Life have launched their 2014 outdoor advertising initiative, building on the success of their award-winning ‘Dear 30 year old me’ campaign that ran in 2013.

The aim of the ‘Dear 30 year old me’ campaign is to make people more aware about planning for the future. A key insight from Zurich Life’s research in 2013 revealed that many people are too busy with their day to day lives to plan ahead, but when brought face-to-face with an image of their future selves, people are forced to think again.

Last year’s advertising campaign centred on a 30 year old receiving a letter from their future self which encourages him or her to start making retirement plans. Universal McCann and PML planned the campaign for 2014 and the concept has been expanded from Zurich Life’s 2013 promotion, with some humour thrown into the mix with new creative by McCann Blue.

“Last year, ‘Dear 30 year old me’ got everyone talking. It was a fresh approach to pension advertising and customers really got the concept”, says Elaine Fitzpatrick, Head of Marketing at Zurich Life Ireland.

“‘Dear 30 year old me’ focuses not only on the positive aspects of retirement but on making the right pension decision. In the ads, the retired me is confident in their retirement and congratulates their 30-year-old self on the better decision they made in starting a pension … compared to another slightly unwise choice they made in the past!”

The campaign is running on several key outdoor formats, including 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets, 6 Sheets, Metropoles, and Single Wraps. TGI research indicates that, nationally, 71.6% of 30 years olds recall seeing either billboard or bus shelter advertising in the past week.*

In addition to outdoor the ‘Dear 30 year old me’ campaign is running in national newspapers, radio and online.

*Source: TGI ROI 2013

Zurich Life