Pepsi MAXimise new campaign on out of home


PepsiCo have launched a new marketing campaign for Pepsi MAX, promoting two key reasons for picking up the soft drink: ‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’.

‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’ is part of Pepsi’s ‘Unbelievable’ campaign, which challenges traditional perceptions and aims to deliver the unexpected. In terms of Pepsi MAX, this campaign promotes Pepsi MAX as a tasty, refreshing soft drink, discouraging potential consumers from assuming that as a no-sugar cola they are compromising on taste.

Out of home advertising was a vital element of this campaign, with innovative ooh formats used to deliver unexpected and interactive advertising on the streets.

A 3D special was built on an Adshel at Camden Street, where a giant can of Pepsi Max was built on top of the bus shelter along with a layer of ice that appears to drip down from the roof, reaffirming Pepsi MAX’s refreshing taste. A dispenser was also built into this Adshel, allowing passers-by to enjoy a free can of Pepsi MAX.

Other formats used in this extensive ooh campaign include Super Rears (Double Deck), Single Wraps, Retail Adtowers, MegaSide, Phone Kiosks, DigiTowers, 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets, MegaSquares and a Banner in Dublin city centre.

The creative in this campaign focuses on a can/bottle of Pepsi MAX on a black background surrounded by cracked ice, icicles and condensation to reaffirm its refreshing taste.

OMD and PML planned the ‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’ campaign for Pepsi MAX, Eclipse Media built the 3D dispenser special and the creative was by Irish International.

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