Cadbury’s Eggperiential Hunt hits Dundrum

Untitled collageWith the hunt for the white crème eggs really heating up and everyone scrambling to find one, Cadbury surprised the unsuspecting shoppers of Dundrum with the opportunity to find the elusive eggs.

On Saturday 3rd February, there were four hunts over the course of the day with each hunt resulting in one lucky hunter winning €1,000.

A total domination of the dPod located outside the Schuh store in Dundrum Town Centre was used to build awareness of the hunt, indicate the start times and more importantly provide a map of the centre with the location of the white creme egg being revealed. Promo staff were on hand at the dPod and the 4 hidden locations where the much sought after white Crème eggs were located.

The activation married the Mall Digital OOH format and experiential activity as the dPod acted as the facilitator and focus of the hunt. The activation was a great success with hunters gathering around the dPod for the eggs’ locations and taking off as soon as they were revealed.

PML Group’s innovation team were hugely excited to be involved in creating the egg hunt in partnership with Carat and Mondeléz while our in-house creative team, Design +, animated the digital creative for the hunt.

Our iQ research intelligence shows that 68% of respondents agree that experiential activations allow a brand to create a real-life connection with its consumers.

FIFA 18 Man Créche at Dundrum Town Centre

To celebrate of the launch of FIFA 18, EA Sports recently activated an experiential marketing event to surprise the unsuspecting shoppers of Dundrum Town Centre. Over one weekend, shoppers could avail of EA Sports impressive FIFA 18 man crèche, an area to kick back and relax and get stuck in to sampling the legendary game. The crèche featured two TV’s back to back so there could be 4 gamers playing at any one time, leather couches, branded beanbags and fridges stocked with plenty of refreshments. Staff were also on hand to answer any of the gamers’ questions.

The pop up offered a great opportunity to engage an in-market audience and provide a taster of the hotly anticipated game which may aid purchase consideration. Directions to Gamestop, the nearest FIFA seller was also displayed on dPods throughout the centre to point eager fans in the right direction if they wished to purchase the game. Offering innovative and exciting OOH activations can deliver a novel and nuance way to market to consumers and create standout from the crowd. It allows a brand to drive social media interaction, gain positive brand perception, create excitement around a product launch and generate some PR.

The campaign was planned by Spark Foundry with our in-house team of designers, Design + responsible for the design work and Eclipse Media constructed the créche. DSC_0234 Pictured: Colin Russell (Publicis), Una Boylan (Publicis ), Aoife Dempsey (PML), Vicki Fraser (Exterion Media),  Eoin Fitzgerald (Promogroup) 

‘Cadvent’ frees OOH joy in December

Cadbury Xmas 2016

Keep your eyes and ears peeled because the Cadvent Convoy could be coming your way. Throughout December, Cadbury are hitting the road and bringing Christmas fun to towns and cities all over Ireland. The Cadvent truck will finish its journey in Dublin’s Baggot Street on December 23rd. In keeping with the concept of ‘freeing the joy’ at Christmas, the chocolate maker is also featuring some fun OOH specials as part of their OOH promotion. 3,500 of their famous ‘hero’ sweets feature in a filled Adshel on Baggot Street while a selection of Adbox 6 Sheets have been given a special Cadbury Christmas makeover.

PML linked up with Carat to produce the campaign. Our Design+ team did great work in coming up with the ‘Heroes’ special (even if we do say so ourselves!)

Make It Yours with Jacob’s


Valeo Foods are running an innovative large format campaign on OOH for Jacob’s biscuits. Planned by Initiative Media and PML, the Outdoor promotion is running on 96 and 48 Sheets and Golden Squares. Havas Worldwide looked after the campaign creative, which includes a variety of designs to reflect the variety of Jacob’s biscuits available.

As part of the campaign a lighting special is running on a Golden Square located on Wexford Street, Dublin 2. The special consists of a series of nine lightboxes that light up sequentially, literally highlighting the selection of Jacob’s biscuits available as well making the billboard strongly stand out on street.

Click here to view a vine of the Golden Square special.

Tesco grows on OOH… Literally!

Tesco 96 Sheet Grass

In order to highlight the natural and Irish origin of Tesco beef products, PML worked with Initiative Media and Rothco to produce a very different type of OOH campaign. In a media first, Tesco’s OOH special features naturally grown grass placed on 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets and bus shelter 6 Sheets. Various seeds of grass that are used by Irish farmers were also used for the billboards and when the grass was grown it was attached to the panels using a mesh. The grass continues to grow as normal while on display and so requires daily watering. The grass will be replanted after the campaign.

Cadbury Dairy Milk pops on OOH

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley

Cadbury has added two medley bars to its Dairy Milk range; one contains dark chocolate, caramelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces, while the other has dark chocolate chips, biscuit and fudge pieces.

As part of its Dairy Milk Medley campaign, Cadbury have included 6 Sheet specials in its latest OOH promotion.

Planned by Carat Ireland and PML, with creative by TAG, several 6 Sheets located on bus shelters have been covered in bubble wrap, encouraging passers-by to burst the bubbles on the 6 Sheet. The idea around the special is ‘look as good as it feels’ and the copy line used on the OOH specials is ‘tastes like this feels’. The bubble wrap on the 6 Sheets is changed every 1-2 days, so that the special continues to draw people’s attention on street.

Permanent tsb asks do you Need More Space?

permanent tsb #NeedMoreSpace

Permanent tsb ran heavyweight OOH across October promoting its home improvement loans and mortgages which coincided with its headline sponsorship of the Ideal Home Show in the RDS.

The centrepiece of the campaign was a special activation in Connolly Station which saw a “Guy in a House” appear on one Tuesday in October on the concourse. This tease campaign comprised of a tiny unbranded dwelling, just over one metered squared, with the only clue to the activity being the accompanying #NeedMoreSpace hashtag. This helped generate both curiosity and debate in the station and online over two days, encouraged also by ‘Guy’s’ own humorous Twitter feed. The “big” reveal on the Thursday came in the shape of a larger, better furnished home. Permanent tsb had come to the Guy’s rescue and helped him get the space he needed.

Another innovative element was the 100ft wide branded mega billboard at Parkgate Street which incorporated all three sides of the illuminated 50ft Prismatic 96 Sheet. The design featured a 3D effect to give added depth to the room interior.

Other formats used included billboards (48 Sheets, 96 Sheet, Metropoles and Golden Squares), 6 Sheets (Adbox, Adshel and Commuter Points), Mall Screens and Bus Rears. The campaign was planned by PHD and PML. Creative agency was Publicis while ICAN looked after the digital activation. Eclipse Media produced the two homes in Connolly Station.

Three welcomes 1.5 million new customers

Three-O2 photoshootPictured (L-R at Heuston, left): Lisa Naughton (JCDecaux), Melissa Byrne (MediaVest), Stella Wilson (Three), Grainne McNamara (PML) and Kieran O’Donovan (Boys & Girls)

The latest step in the integration of Three and O2 Ireland into a single operator took place on 2nd March, when O2’s 1.5 million customers were switched over to Three. To mark this stage of the rebrand and welcome its 1.5 million new customers, Three launched an extensive outdoor campaign.

Planned by MediaVest and PML, formats in the campaign include Golden Squares, 96 and 48 Sheets, Transvision, Commuter Squares, 6 Sheets, Europanels, mobile 6 and 48 Sheets and Digivan. Three also ran innovative ooh, with 3D special builds on 48 Sheets and Golden Squares having party string appear to burst out of the billboard; and Wrapped Luas Columns with balloon builds placed on top of the column.

Speaking of the switch over of O2 customers to Three, Three CEO Robert Finnegan said that this “…is another exciting milestone for Three – we are now one brand with one customer base of over two million customers,” said Three CEO Robert Finnegan.

“We are making significant progress in bringing the latest technology to our customers in Ireland. Three is investing €300m to build a state of the art superfast network. Our customers across the country will benefit from this investment with an improved experience and high speed data coverage in more locations than ever before.

“The best parts of both Three and O2 will now be available to our combined customer bases, including award-winning service from two customer care centres in Ireland.”

Boys and Girls worked on the creative for the Three ooh campaign.

Cadbury Creme Egg gets romantic with flirting billboard

Creme Egg flirt board

Ever been chatted up by a piece of large format ooh advertising? No? That’s a pity, but to tick that particular line off your bucket list then just head down to Lansdowne Road or Grand Canal Dock Dart stations. There’s a Cadbury Commuter Square located in both and its handing out compliments like confetti at a wedding (not that we’re suggesting you should marry the said billboard). The fun is of course focused around Valentine’s Day and targets general commuters and match goers alike.

The specials are part of the current Crème Egg campaign were organised by PHD and PML. See a video of the flirting billboard in action here.

Belvita Bus helps commuters on the go

Belvita Bus

Belvita ran an unusual but very welcome ooh special in cycle 3 to promote Belvita’s new Tops Chocolate Hazelnut breakfast bars. A Belvita Bus ran Monday to Friday every morning for for two weeks, offering people a free lift into the city centre.

The fully wrapped double deck bus clearly stood out on the busy streets of Dublin thanks to the bright and sunny Belvita creative. Promotional staff on the bus also handed out Belvita breakfast bars to passengers on the bus and people waiting at bus stops, brightening up peoples’ mornings and showcasing Belvita as a good choice for breakfast on the go.

Belvita are also running sound jack and dispenser specials on Adshel in cycle 4. Installed by Eclipse Media, the sound jack specials allow passers-by to plug their headphones into the Adshel and listen to a choice of three different songs, with a sound jack for each song. The songs are Daydream Believer, Wake me up Boo and Walking on Sunshine – a sure way to create that feel good feeling in the morning among commuters! This musical special also further highlights Belvita as an ideal morning snack for commuters.

As commuters are a key target audience for breakfast on the go, the Belvita Bus was accompanied by a wider ooh campaign. Planned by PHD and PML the Belvita campaign also ran on Transvision, Adshel and Commuter dPods.