Bank of Ireland pitches to young adults


Bank of Ireland’s new campaign, ‘BOIMyFirst’, is aimed at engaging with young adults in a new campaign.

As part of the campaign Bank of Ireland is using the digital platform Snapchat to engage with young people, showcasing experiences that bring young people one step further on their journey towards independence.

The campaign features three young people living in Ireland who share stories under the headings of My First Adventure, My First Place and My First Business. We worked with Carat on the Outdoor planning for BOI’s campaign which features these three stories; the campaign creative was designed by Thinkhouse. The OOH advertising is running on Green Screen, Luas Portrait Panels, Adshel, Dart Cards and I-Sites. To further highlight Bank of Ireland’s new presence on Snapchat, we worked with The Picture Works to run projections around Dublin city centre on the 25th and 26th November, featuring the Snapchat logo and BOI’s account handle, @bankofireland.

Below is footage of the BOI projections in action, including a projection nearby the Aviva Stadium after the Ireland V Australia game on Saturday.

Head of Youth Banking Laura Lynch, speaking about the campaign, said “BOIMyFirst’ is the first of its kind marketing activity which fits so well with how we are already engaging with our younger customers. We know that younger consumers are looking for a bank that delivers and enables experiences that are of interest and relevant to them and that suit their fast-paced mobile centred lives. Everyone who enters will have the opportunity to win €5,000 to experience their own unique ‘BOIMyFirst’.”

ooh By Gum!

GLT 2015 launch

The annual campaign by Gum Litter Taskforce to educate and remind the public about the responsible disposal of chewing gum was launched in Dublin city centre on Wednesday 15th July. The launch was attended by Minister Alan Kelly and the Lord Mayor of Dublin City, Críona Ní Dhálaigh.

The colourful ‘bin it your way’ posters have been a regular feature on the streets of the nation in recent years. Although this year has seen a change in creative direction, the message is still very much the same – bin your gum in a responsible way or face the consequences of a financial penalty.

Once again this year, PML has teamed up with MediaVest to deliver a highly impactful, multi-format ooh campaign, with the creative supplied by AMV BBDO (UK).

Roadside, retail, transport, ambient and digital ooh formats all combine to deliver this important public message to the Irish population.

Research conducted by GLT and released prior to the 2014 campaign showed that 93% of people surveyed then recognised dropped gum as litter and that substantial gains had been made in the number of people disposing of gum in bins rather than on the street.