flog new website recently re-launched their online shopping website and promoted their new site through a fun and witty out of home campaign.

Planned by Clear Blue Water and PML, the campaign includes posters  styled as personal ads with a BuyAndSell twist. The creative by Dynamo consists of such copylines as ‘Old Volks seeks caring home’ alongside a photo of a vintage Volkswagen, and ‘Clubs seeks swingers for a good time’ beside an image of a set of golf clubs.

We really like this witty campaign from, which also clearly promotes the fact that users can place their ad for free on the BuyAndSell website.

Commuters were a key target audience for this campaign and a variety of roadside and transit formats were included in the promotion, such as Lower Rears, City Impacts, Adshels, CommuterPoints, 48 Sheets and Transvision screens at Heuston, Connolly and Pearse St train stations.

A recent study by global ooh association FEPE international revealed that out of home advertising plays a major role in driving consumer response and action. The research, conducted by Future Foundation, found that 79% of consumers take action after seeing an ooh ad.