Belvita Bus helps commuters on the go

Belvita Bus

Belvita ran an unusual but very welcome ooh special in cycle 3 to promote Belvita’s new Tops Chocolate Hazelnut breakfast bars. A Belvita Bus ran Monday to Friday every morning for for two weeks, offering people a free lift into the city centre.

The fully wrapped double deck bus clearly stood out on the busy streets of Dublin thanks to the bright and sunny Belvita creative. Promotional staff on the bus also handed out Belvita breakfast bars to passengers on the bus and people waiting at bus stops, brightening up peoples’ mornings and showcasing Belvita as a good choice for breakfast on the go.

Belvita are also running sound jack and dispenser specials on Adshel in cycle 4. Installed by Eclipse Media, the sound jack specials allow passers-by to plug their headphones into the Adshel and listen to a choice of three different songs, with a sound jack for each song. The songs are Daydream Believer, Wake me up Boo and Walking on Sunshine – a sure way to create that feel good feeling in the morning among commuters! This musical special also further highlights Belvita as an ideal morning snack for commuters.

As commuters are a key target audience for breakfast on the go, the Belvita Bus was accompanied by a wider ooh campaign. Planned by PHD and PML the Belvita campaign also ran on Transvision, Adshel and Commuter dPods.