AXA Home Insurance Goes 24/7

As part of a brand refresh, AXA launched a new cross channel campaign to promote its home insurance services.

The campaign, designed to highlight its 24/7 emergency home assistance and claims helpline, featured two birds perched on a nest caring for their hatchlings with its associated copy line ‘Care for What Matters’ demonstrating AXA’s commitment to caring for its customers.

Planned by Havas and PML, with creative by Publicis, AXA’s OOH campaign ran on traditional formats – 48 Sheets, Golden Squares and Bus Shelters – in key Counties.

To help make an even bigger impression and bring the creative to life, a 3D nest was placed onto the Golden Square located in Rathmines for a flying special. The 3D nest extended out from the billboard and was filled with bird seed with stock being replenished every two days.

Our iQ research intelligence informs us that 80% agree that special builds make the advertisement much more memorable.

Media: Havas – Creative: Publicis – OOH Agency: PML

(L-R): Pat Cassidy (PML Group), Ed Collins (Havas Media) and Jen Byrne (PML)