98FM’s The BIG Breakfast goes Live

98FM Big Breakfast

98FM launched its brand new breakfast show, The BIG Breakfast in January 2016, presented by PPI award winning Best Newcomer of the Year 2015, Luke O’Faolain and popular club DJ and renowned music presenter Steven Cooper. The BIG Breakfast runs from 6am – 10am Monday to Friday and focuses on Dublin news, sport and events while maintaining a fun and energetic vibe.

To mark the launch of 98FM’s new breakfast show, The BIG Breakfast broadcasted a live show at the Odeon on Harcourt Street on April 1st and ran an OOH campaign during cycle 7 to coincide with the live show.

Planned by Maxus and PML, the 98FM BIG Breakfast campaign ran on Commuter Squares Luas Columns, T-Sides, iHubbs, Luas Staplines and Portrait Panels, as well as a wrap of the Luas stop on Harcourt Street. This Luas stop is located directly outside the Odeon, so was an excellent location to further promote the live BIG Breakfast broadcast on April 1st.