98FM, you can be proud of yourselfie

Adrian Kennedy is back on 98FM with his new Show, Dublin Talks. And ooh advertising is playing a big role in getting this message to the Dublin public. Supersides, bus and dart internals and 6 Sheets are all promoting the show but in a twist to the campaign the public are invited to take selfies beside the ooh ads and tweet them to 98FM, with the best examples winning an iPad. At the time of writing, almost 200 photos had been posted on the station’s facebook page. The fun and engaging campaign is another great example of an innovative and interesting use of the medium, and proves how well ooh can support an on-air radio promotion. The campaign was placed by Maxus and PML with creative by 98FM themselves. We do realise that selfie praise is no praise at all but in this case we’ll make an exception – well done 98FM!