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A Special Pedigree

Posted on: July 25th, 2017 by niamh No Comments

To highlight the importance of keeping our beloved pets’ teeth and gums healthy, Pedigree is promoting their specially formulated dental products.

Recommended by vets, Pedigree’s dental care range provides a deep clean and reduces tartar which will help you evade the doggy dentist for longer and have your dog #dogsofinstagram ready.

To showcase their products to dog lovers across Dublin, Pedigree’s campaign on OOH is sure to stand out from the crowd, as we created something special for our canine friends. Planned by Spark Foundry/Mediacom and PML with creative by Ball and Socket and the special build by Eclipse Media, we designed a 2D build for pedigree to add dimension and extra impact to their Out of Home campaign.

The 48 Sheet located on Pearse Street shows our canine friend popping off the billboard with his ears and paws built over the normal frame of a standard 48 Sheet which creates the illusion that the dog is jumping out of the poster.

The advert is also running copy on 48 Sheets, 6 Sheets, Phone Kiosks and Retail dPods.

Watch out for Burger Fever

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Safefood have launched a new public awareness campaign to highlight the growing trend of burgers being undercooked or cooked to customers’ preference and the risk of contracting E.coli or food poisoning from such cooking methods. 

Food business operators have been advised by the regulatory bodies of the risks to public health posed by the serving of undercooked burgers and have been reminded of their legal obligations to ensure food served is safe to eat. 

Media was planned by PHD and PML with creative by Target McConnells. The campaign is running on orbscreens, located in the window of various premises, and washroom panels. Both formats allow for strategic and effective targeting when people are out and about socialising. 

A slice of Italy on OOH

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Jacobs latest campaign has introduced Caffé Di Milano Italian wafer biscuits to their range. The indulgent snack makes the perfect partner to your cup of coffee and comes in three different flavours; Hazelnut, Chocolate and Vanilla.

 On the back of the tagline ‘take a bite out of Italy’, the campaign features the leaning tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, made up of wafers with a bite taken out of the top.

Planned by Initiative and PML with really strong creative by Havas, the campaign is running on Adbox Extra, DigiTower and Superside. Adbox Extra adds another dimension to the campaign with the opportunity to go beyond the normal frame of Adbox.