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‘Cadvent’ frees OOH joy in December

Posted on: December 15th, 2016 by admin No Comments

Cadbury Xmas 2016

Keep your eyes and ears peeled because the Cadvent Convoy could be coming your way. Throughout December, Cadbury are hitting the road and bringing Christmas fun to towns and cities all over Ireland. The Cadvent truck will finish its journey in Dublin’s Baggot Street on December 23rd. In keeping with the concept of ‘freeing the joy’ at Christmas, the chocolate maker is also featuring some fun OOH specials as part of their OOH promotion. 3,500 of their famous ‘hero’ sweets feature in a filled Adshel on Baggot Street while a selection of Adbox 6 Sheets have been given a special Cadbury Christmas makeover.

PML linked up with Carat to produce the campaign. Our Design+ team did great work in coming up with the ‘Heroes’ special (even if we do say so ourselves!)