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Zurich Life’s ‘Dear 30 year old me’ returns to ooh

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Zurich Life have launched their 2014 outdoor advertising initiative, building on the success of their award-winning ‘Dear 30 year old me’ campaign that ran in 2013.

The aim of the ‘Dear 30 year old me’ campaign is to make people more aware about planning for the future. A key insight from Zurich Life’s research in 2013 revealed that many people are too busy with their day to day lives to plan ahead, but when brought face-to-face with an image of their future selves, people are forced to think again.

Last year’s advertising campaign centred on a 30 year old receiving a letter from their future self which encourages him or her to start making retirement plans. Universal McCann and PML planned the campaign for 2014 and the concept has been expanded from Zurich Life’s 2013 promotion, with some humour thrown into the mix with new creative by McCann Blue.

“Last year, ‘Dear 30 year old me’ got everyone talking. It was a fresh approach to pension advertising and customers really got the concept”, says Elaine Fitzpatrick, Head of Marketing at Zurich Life Ireland.

“‘Dear 30 year old me’ focuses not only on the positive aspects of retirement but on making the right pension decision. In the ads, the retired me is confident in their retirement and congratulates their 30-year-old self on the better decision they made in starting a pension … compared to another slightly unwise choice they made in the past!”

The campaign is running on several key outdoor formats, including 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets, 6 Sheets, Metropoles, and Single Wraps. TGI research indicates that, nationally, 71.6% of 30 years olds recall seeing either billboard or bus shelter advertising in the past week.*

In addition to outdoor the ‘Dear 30 year old me’ campaign is running in national newspapers, radio and online.

*Source: TGI ROI 2013

Zurich Life

Arnotts’ new campaign is Wonder-ful

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Arnotts Wonder Card

Arnotts’ latest outdoor advertising campaign promotes their loyalty card for customers, ‘Wonder Card’ and the new Arnotts Wonder App, which allows customers to be rewarded on their favourite purchases online or in-store.

Users of Arnotts new Wonder-ful app can earn and spend points at any time of purchase, as well as view their loyalty points balance, account details and challenge themselves with the Wonder Quiz, which changes each season and offers users the chance to win top prizes from Arnotts.

Initiative and PML planned an innovative ooh campaign to promote Arnotts’ loyalty card and new app, using such formats as Metropanels, Luas tram domination and Wrapped Luas Columns.

A rotating 3D special of the Arnotts Wonder Card was built on top of a Wrapped Luas Column at St Stephens Green Luas station, attracting the attention of passers-by and increasing potential consumers’ awareness of the Arnotts loyalty card and app.

Javelin worked on the creative for this campaign and Eclipse Media built the rotating Wonder Card 3D special.

Click on the image above to view Arnotts’ rotating 3D special

Pepsi MAXimise new campaign on out of home

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PepsiCo have launched a new marketing campaign for Pepsi MAX, promoting two key reasons for picking up the soft drink: ‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’.

‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’ is part of Pepsi’s ‘Unbelievable’ campaign, which challenges traditional perceptions and aims to deliver the unexpected. In terms of Pepsi MAX, this campaign promotes Pepsi MAX as a tasty, refreshing soft drink, discouraging potential consumers from assuming that as a no-sugar cola they are compromising on taste.

Out of home advertising was a vital element of this campaign, with innovative ooh formats used to deliver unexpected and interactive advertising on the streets.

A 3D special was built on an Adshel at Camden Street, where a giant can of Pepsi Max was built on top of the bus shelter along with a layer of ice that appears to drip down from the roof, reaffirming Pepsi MAX’s refreshing taste. A dispenser was also built into this Adshel, allowing passers-by to enjoy a free can of Pepsi MAX.

Other formats used in this extensive ooh campaign include Super Rears (Double Deck), Single Wraps, Retail Adtowers, MegaSide, Phone Kiosks, DigiTowers, 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets, MegaSquares and a Banner in Dublin city centre.

The creative in this campaign focuses on a can/bottle of Pepsi MAX on a black background surrounded by cracked ice, icicles and condensation to reaffirm its refreshing taste.

OMD and PML planned the ‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’ campaign for Pepsi MAX, Eclipse Media built the 3D dispenser special and the creative was by Irish International.

Next stop on the Luas: new ooh formats

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New format luas Wraps No Price PML

3Arena makes sweet music in Dublin city

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Three announced this month that The O2’s new name is 3Arena. The Live Nation-owned 13,500 capacity venue – which has also been refurbished – plays an enormous role in the Irish entertainment industry, with over 100 gigs per year being hosted.

To mark the arrival of 3Arena, Three ran an innovative out of home advertising campaign on a variety of formats. Luas Columns, Adshel, standard and HD 48 Sheets and 96 Sheets were all included in this campaign.

Unique creative was used on these posters, with the new 3Arena logo appearing on a black background and highlighted using luminous yellow, blue and pink colours. Illuminated Adshel panels made this creative particularly effective, with the 3Arena logo lighting up the streets at night.

A key aspect of this outdoor campaign was a musical string special in Dublin city centre. For just one day on Friday 12th September musical strings were installed on a 6 Sheet panel on a bus shelter at College Green, where passers-by were encouraged to play on the strings as if it were a guitar. This outdoor special received a strong interaction from its audience and livened up the city by making (mostly) sweet music!

MediaVest and PML planned the 3Arena campaign, the creative was by Boys and Girls and Eclipse Media made the interactive musical string special.

Tesco ventures out of home to target shoppers

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Tesco’s latest advertising campaign promotes the supermarket chain’s online shopping services. Commuters are the key target audience for the campaign, being encouraged to ‘do the weekly shop on the daily commute’.

To effectively reach their target audience, outdoor advertising in commuter areas is vital to Tesco’s latest promotion. Tesco have included an advertising domination in Dublin Pearse Station in this campaign, which gives the brand an ideal opportunity to reach commuters at a busy city centre location.

The campaign was planned by Initiative and PML and is running on a variety of ooh formats, including Adshel, Floor Graphics, Luas Columns, Portrait Panels and Commuter Cards. The advertising domination at Pearse Station has such formats as 96 Sheet, 48 Sheet, Commuter Points and Transit Specials.

The creative includes copy lines that encourage the audience to shop on at a time that suits them, using their smart phone, laptop or tablet device. ‘Next stop. The weekly shop.’ and ‘The train arriving at Platform 2 is your nearest Tesco’ are examples of copy lines used in the campaign, emphasising the fact that helps you do your household shopping anytime, anywhere.

Target McConnells worked on the creative for this campaign.


Charlotte Tilbury arrives at Brown Thomas

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Brown Thomas

Renowned make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty line was recently launched in Brown Thomas and to promote the launch of this high-end beauty range, outdoor advertising was central to Brown Thomas’ campaign.

The Charlotte Tilbury line differs to other make-up brands as it is based around 10 core looks, dubbed the ‘Tilbury Transformations’ and all Charlotte Tilbury products are tailored to these looks. To promote these looks, the creative in the BT Charlotte Tilbury campaign focused on one model, with her styled in the 10 different looks on different posters; e.g. The Bombshell, The Vintage Vamp and The Sophisticate.

6 Sheet posters were ideal to advertise both the Charlotte Tilbury range and its launch in Brown Thomas, and such formats as Adshel, Metropanels and CommuterPoints were used in this campaign. The campaign also took over a platform at Pearse Station, promoting the 10 different Charlotte Tilbury looks on CommuterPoints and emphasising the fact that this make-up brand is exclusively sold in Ireland at Brown Thomas.

Carat and PML planned this campaign, with the creative by

Popchips arrives onto out of home advertising in Ireland

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Popchips launched its first outdoor advertising campaign in Ireland in cycle 18, with its ‘Spare me the guilt chip’ campaign. Popchips is a potato chip snack product from the USA that was launched in Irish stores earlier this year and is advertised as a tasty, healthier snack option for consumers.

The campaign ran for two weeks across Dublin and saw Popchips ads popping up across the city centre and surrounding areas.

The focus of the campaign was to build maximum visibility around Popchips, educate consumers about the brand and spare consumers the ‘guilt chip’ when looking for tasty, healthier snack options like Popchips.

The campaign was planned by Clear Blue Water and PML and ran on a variety of outdoor formats so that potential consumers could be targeted in key city centre and retail areas. These formats included Adshel, Metropanels, dPods, Super Rears and Forward Stems.

A vibrant red colour dominated the creative with the copy line ‘Spare me the guilt chip’ clearly visible on all posters.

“We are really excited to bring this advertising campaign to Dublin consumers. Ireland is an important market for Popchips, and this advertising campaign represents our commitment to growing the brand in Ireland,” said Ruth Elliott, European marketing manager, Popchips.

Pictured below beside the Super Rear adverts are Declan Kelly (Clear Blue Water), Annemarie Sexton (Exterion Media) and Darren Greene (PML Group).